Ukrenergo: renewables or NPPs need to be turned off to balance energy system

To reduce the risks of imbalancing the energy system, it will be necessary to reduce the generation of either renewable energy or nuclear power units. “Both options are bad,” says Ukrenergo.

“Already this year, in the previous months, we faced the fact that we have insufficient reserves in the energy system”, said Vitaliy Zaychenko, director of management of the UESU – chief dispatcher, during a round table on long-term forecasts of coordinated economic development and energy of Ukraine.

He said that, first of all, the responsibility of the system operator is to maintain the constancy of the energy system. In the previous few months, the power system was “on the verge of balancing possibilities” of a large number, in particular, of solar power during the day:

“The reserves of balancing the energy system are exhausted and the next step should be the introduction of highly maneuverable capacities. But we do not have time. Other options are either a decrease in renewable generation, or a decrease in the generation of nuclear power units. Both options are bad. But given the current situation, already in spring of this year we can reach the point that we will be forced to limit generation at wind and solar stations in certain periods”, the chief dispatcher noted.

According to Zaychenko, tentatively, restrictions on the production of solar stations can reach 30% – “to ensure the reliability of the energy system”: “The reliability of the energy system should be above all”.

As of October 1, according to the Director of Management of the UESU, the technical conditions for the connection of 11 GW of “green” capacities were issued: “This is such a capacity that the system simply cannot handle in the current state”, he said.


As it is known, this year the “green” energy sector of Ukraine experienced a boom – from January to September 2019, renewable energy capacities doubled – by 2.55 GW.



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