Ukrenergo and Energoatom completed testing of NPP units for integration into ENTSO-E

On October 12, experts from Ukrenergo and Energoatom, with the participation of international consultants, completed tests of excitation systems at power units of nuclear power plants, the press service reports.

It is noted that the results of these tests are the latest data necessary to fulfill several items in the Catalog of Measures of the Agreement on the conditions for the future synchronization of the IPS of Ukraine with the European continental network ENTSO-E.

In particular, they will be used to build a general mathematical model of the synchronous operation of the Ukrainian and European power systems. The success of such a simulation is one of the key prerequisites for testing the IPS of Ukraine in a mode isolated from the power systems of Russia and Belarus.

The tests at power units No.1 and No.3 of the South-Ukrainian NPP, which took place on October 9 and 12, respectively, became the final ones in several tests scheduled for this year. In August, similar tests were carried out at power units No.2 of the Rivne NPP and No.1 of Zaporizhzhia NPP. In January-April last year, the necessary tests of generator excitation systems and frequency and power control systems were carried out at 11 power units of 8 Ukrainian TPPs, CHPs, and HPPs. The obtained data were considered satisfactory by ENTSO-E and are used by the Consortium for further modeling.

Chairman of the Board of NPC Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytskyi stressed that another key condition for the integration of the Ukrainian power system into the European grid is Ukrenergo certification as an independent system operator according to the ISO model (Independent System Operator). For such certification, the Verkhovna Rada must adopt the necessary amendments to the Law "On the Electricity Market".

Earlier it was reported that the system operator of Ukraine, Ukrenergo, faced the problem of inability to be certified for integration into ENTSO-E due to a collision of Ukrainian legislation.

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