Ukrenergo and Hungarian TSO MAVIR have signed an agreement on emergency mutual assistance

NPC Ukrenergo announced the conclusion of an agreement with the Hungarian transmission system operator (TSO) MAVIR ZRt. on the supply of electricity within the framework of emergency mutual assistance. It enables both TSOs to mutually supply electricity between their load and frequency control areas to prevent or eliminate power system emergencies.

The conclusion of agreements on emergency mutual assistance between adjacent TSOs is stipulated by the general ENTSO-E rules for the creation of additional backup mechanisms. These measures will contribute to ensuring the reliability of the functioning of power systems in the conditions of parallel operation of Burshtyn TPP Island with ENTSO-E power grid. Emergency assistance from neighboring countries is provided in cases where the measures and reserves taken are insufficient to avoid a threat or the need to restrict energy supplies to consumers.

“The agreement between NPC Ukrenergo and MAVIR defines the conditions for the provision of emergency assistance and the activation procedure. In particular, the maximum emergency assistance capacity is up to 200 MW. The amount of emergency assistance can be increased to more than 200 MW by mutual agreement of the Parties, if there are adequate technical capabilities, available reserves and available interzonal capacity. The capacity for emergency assistance is not reserved in advance,” the message says.

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