Ukrenergo launched a large-scale telecommunications network reconstruction project

A large-scale construction of a 414 km long fiber-optic transmission system (FOTS) began in the company's western energy system.

The project envisages the installation of FOTS along existing transmission lines along the 330 kW Lviv Zahidna highway substation – 220 kW Rozdil substation – 220 kW Stryy substation - 220 kV Boryslav substation – 220 kW Volovets substation – 400 kW Mukachevo substation – the state border of Ukraine with Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. The project cost is 204.3 million UAH.

The project plan also includes the repair of six power lines and the installation of a fiber-optic communication cable.

In particular, part of the power transmission line poles will be changed, the foundations and grounding of the poles will be repaired, the traverse along all air lines will be strengthened, and FOTS in grounding cables will be laid. Installation of station multiplex DWDM equipment at the 400 kW Mukachevo substation and the 220 kW Stryy substation of the fiber-optic liner link for building reliable, high-speed data transmission channels of Ethernet is envisaged.

For 2019, it is planned to carry out a complex of works on two air lines: the 220 kW OHTL Mukachevo - Tisalek, Kusvarda (Hungary) and the 400 kW OHTL Mukachevo - Roshior (Romania).

Reconstruction of power transmission lines and the construction of FOTS will contribute to the fulfillment of the obligations of SOE NNEGC Ukrenergo under a memorandum with the Hungarian system operator MAVIR in the field of relay protection, emergency automation and telecommunications.

The implementation of this project will significantly improve the reliability of the six overhead lines, ensure the modern level of communication between the facilities of the Ukrenergo Western Energy System and allow connecting Ukrenergo telecommunication networks with the networks of the ENTSO-E partner countries (Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary).

The optical lines obtained through the territories of Hungary, Slovakia and Romania, as well as already existing optical lines through Poland, will allow for the reliable integration of the Ukrenergo telecommunication network into the networks of the ENTSO-E partner countries.


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