Ukrenergo will begin to limit electricity imports

Since November 6, NPC Ukrenergo will begin to restrict electricity imports in the case of a threat to the operational safety of the energy grid. It is reported by Energoreforma.

“We, as the operator of the auction office, in accordance with the Code of the transmission system, have the right to adjust the delivery schedules for export-import contracts. We cannot forbid, but at certain hours, if there is a threat to operational security, we can limit it. How much – the code does not specify”, said Kovalchuk, Head of Ukrenergo.

Recall that Ukrenergo imposed restrictions for Botievska, Prymorskaya-1, and Orlovska wind farms (all - the DTEK group) from 3:44 am to 4:00 am and from 5:25 am to 6:00 am in the morning on Tuesday. The first time the total limit value was 300 MW, the second – 395 MW.

At the same time, according to existing legislation, renewable energy operators will be compensated for the cost of electricity not supplied due to dispatch restrictions at a feed-in tariff.

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