Ukrenergo has certified ZNPP power unit No.2 for participation on the ancillary services market

On June 22, NPC Ukrenergo issued Zaporizhzhia NPP with a Certificate of Compliance of its electrical installations (power unit No.2) with the requirements for ancillary services. Certificates for ZNPP were issued in terms of frequency maintenance reserve services with a volume of ± 20 MW, the press service reports.

ZNPP became the first nuclear power plant that received the right to provide ancillary services in the trade zone of the United Energy System of Ukraine (UESU).

The participation of Zaporizhzhia NPP in the ancillary services market will help to improve the reliability of the Ukrainian energy system and increase competition between providers of additional services. At the same time, the provision of sufficient volumes of the frequency maintenance reserve services is one of the key requirements for the synchronization of the UES of Ukraine with the continental network of Europe.

Frequency maintenance reserve services refer to automatic reserves, which operate very quickly (up to 30 s) with a minimum frequency deviation without a dispatcher's command. They are used to stop the change in the frequency of the current in the power system and prevent the alarm values ​​of such a change.

The specificity of Ukrainian nuclear power plants is that they are designed to operate in the basic mode. They are not able to quickly change the generating capacity by a significant amount, that is, they are not intended for manoeuvring. At the same time, the electro-hydraulic turbine control system at the NPP power unit allows for a short time to increase or decrease its speed and change the generating capacity within ± 2% (20 MW) of the nominal (1000 MW). Such changes are safe and do not contradict the rules of nuclear safety and the operation of the nuclear power plant as a whole.

In the trade zone of the UES of Ukraine, 17 power plants can provide the power system with ancillary services, of which 6 – with the frequency maintenance reserve services. The total volume of certified frequency maintenance reserve services is ± 197 MW, automatic frequency recovery reserves – 1649 MW (± 913 MW), manual frequency maintenance reserve services – 4065 MW (4014), replacement reserves - 4808 MW.

As reported, power units No.1 and No.2 of ZNPP confirmed the right of Energoatom to enter the ancillary services market.

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