Ukrenergo certified the energy storage system at Zaporizhzhia TPP

НЭК «Укрэнерго» увеличило сертифицированный объем резервов поддержки частоты (РПЧ) и автоматических резервов восстановления частоты (аРВЧ) Запорожской ТЭС, сообщает пресс-служба.

NPC Ukrenergo has increased the certified volume of frequency maintenance reserve and automatic frequency recovery reserve of Zaporizhzhia TPP, the press service reports.

In particular, for the first time in Ukraine, the energy storage system (ESS) installed at the Zaporizhzhia TPP will be able to provide a frequency maintenance reserve of ± 1 MW. Tests have shown that the ESS meets the requirements for ancillary services stipulated by the Transmission System Code.

The rest of the additional volumes are certified at power units No.2 and No.4 of Zaporizhzhia TPP, namely ± 3.1 MW of frequency maintenance reserve and ± 65 MW of automatic frequency recovery reserve.

As a result, the volume of frequency maintenance reserve that Zaporizhzhia TPP can provide to the power system increased from ± 32 MW to ± 63 MW (of which ± 1 MW is ESS) and automatic frequency recovery reserve – from ± 90 MW to ± 155 MW.

The increase in the certified volume of the frequency maintenance reserve in the ancillary services market will help to improve the reliability of the Ukrainian energy system.

In the trade zone of the UES of Ukraine, 18 power plants can provide ancillary services to the power system.

As reported, DTEK opened the first industrial energy storage system in Ukraine.

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