Ukrenergo is testing renewables’ restriction management system

NPC Ukrenergo is introducing renewables’ restriction management system – software that will automate the generation and provision of operational dispatch commands to change the current generation load of renewable energy sources. This was reported by the press service.

“The system allows providing such commands simultaneously to a large number of power plants. At the same time, the principles of proportionality and non-discrimination will be maintained when applying generation restrictions,” the message says.

The system improves and simplifies the exchange of information between the transmission system operator and market participants, establishes operational interaction, and also eliminates the risk of errors in the exchange of operational commands and is one of the tools to ensure reliable operation of the IPS of Ukraine. It also provides for automatic archiving of the history of commands, which allows monitoring their execution by generation.

Dispatch commands to limit the generation of renewable energy sources are provided to ensure operational security of the power system in cases where there is a surplus of electricity and at the same time all other possibilities for balancing have been exhausted (proposals of the participants of the balancing market, the possibility of the PSP operating in the pump mode, etc.).

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