Ukrenergo resumes auctions for auxiliary services

NPC Ukrenergo announced that on April 21 it resumes daily auctions for the purchase of auxiliary services. The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission has provided explanations regarding the legality of the use of indicators updated by the Cabinet of Ministers used to calculate the maximum price of auctions.

Recall that on April 6, 2020, the company was forced to suspend the holding of auctions for the purchase of auxiliary services to clarify the new estimated values ​​of the Methodology for pricing auxiliary services, approved by the resolution of the NEURC.

The Cabinet of Ministers removed the indicator “Industrial Producer Price Index (Scenario 2)” from the Forecast of Economic and Social Development of Ukraine, which was used to calculate marginal prices for auxiliary services, and replaced it with the indicator “Industrial Producer Price Index”.

According to the official clarification of the Regulator, which was received by Ukrenergo, the use of the new indicator “does not contradict the current legislation” when recalculating prices for auxiliary services for 2020.

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