Ukrenergo launched a “two-minute reserve” product on a balancing market

NPC Ukrenergo reported that on April 1, 2020, a new product, the “two-minute reserve”, began to operate on the balancing market.

It is used according to the dispatch team, which provides for the possibility of “direct activation”, the time for which is limited to two minutes.

“This product is an additional tool that allows you to quickly respond to imbalances in the power system to ensure its operational safety”, the report said.

Today, this product will be relevant mainly for hydropower plants and in the future for other fast maneuver generation.

The company noted that according to the Report on the assessment of the conformity (sufficiency) of generating capacities to ensure operational safety in the Ukrainian power system in the conditions of rapidly growing renewable energy generation, up to 2 GW of new highly maneuverable capacities and 2 GW of energy storages should be built in the near future .

To recap, Ukrenergo supports the draft law, which introduces the regulation of energy storages. The company is working on ways to increase the flexibility of the power system.

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