Ukrenergo has completed testing of power units at Ladyzhynska TPP to participate in auxiliary services market

Ukrenergo completed testing of power units No.2 and No.3 (out of four available) of Ladyzhynska TPP of DTEK Zakhidenergo JSC regarding the possibility of providing auxiliary services, the press service reports.

At the moment, the results are being processed and the corresponding technical report is being prepared.

As of August 4, 12 power plants can take part in auctions for the purchase of auxiliary services in the trade zone of the IPS of Ukraine. Of these, eight HPPs are part of the state-owned Ukrhydroenergo, Kurakhivska TPP DTEK Skhidenergo LLC, Zaporizhzhia TPP DTEK Dniproenergo, Burshtynska TPP DTEK Zakhidenergo and Kharkiv TPP-5.

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