USAID will help the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection to improve PSO mechanism and conditions for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources

A joint meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Energy and USAID (Energy Security project) was held and was chaired by acting Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Olha Buslavets This was reported by the press service.

Olha Buslavets informed the partners about the priority measures proposed by the ministry within the framework of the Anti-Crisis Energy Headquarters to overcome the challenges in the energy sector of Ukraine.

USAID representatives confirmed their interest in strengthening cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection and preparing solutions that will help improve the situation in the Ukrainian energy sector. They also confirmed that they would provide the ministry with their models and calculation results for the transition from a commodity to a financial PSO mechanism.

USAID Energy Security Project Manager Dean White also noted that his experts modeled various options for restructuring a feed-in tariff in Ukraine:

“We made calculations of the impact of the terms of restructuring a feed-in tariff and the implementation of other measures on the deficit of Guaranteed Buyer budget and are ready to provide our own experience to the Ministry of Energy,” he stressed.

The parties agreed that they would continue close cooperation within the framework of the working groups that would be created in the near future under the Ministry to ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Anti-Crisis Energy Headquarters.

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