In England calculated: what will be enough electricity spent on roasting turkey for Christmas

The British use enough electricity to prepare their Christmas turkeys to travel the world 10 313 times by electric vehicle (EV), writes «»

Chargepoint, which owns an electric vehicle refueling network, estimates that the power used to cook 10 million turkeys can theoretically provide a Nissan Leaf route to the moon and back 583 times, or allow it to travel four and a half times the equivalent distance to and from Mars. .

Chris Burghardt, managing director at ChargePoint Europe, said: “If everyone were cooking an oven-baked turkey at the same time, there would be problems in the UK, especially given the estimated total capacity of around 90 GW. Good thing they don't!

“The same goes for electric cars. Drivers will charge their cars at different times: at work, at home and in the city, doing errands or shopping on the weekends. What's more, when the electrical load falls overall, electric vehicles help balance it, which is good for drivers and energy providers. "

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