Bioenergy Association proposed biogas plants for balancing the power grid

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine analyzed the possibilities of biogas generating capacities to cover peak electricity consumption and proposed three options.

This was told during a panel discussion about the prospects for the introduction of storage systems for balancing renewable energy in the framework of the X International Renewable Energy Investment Forum, chairman of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgy Geletukha, Kosatka.Media reports.

“We can transfer a typical biogas plant with a capacity of 2 megawatts per day, when it will work only in one direction. And produce electricity only 3 hours in the morning peak and 3 in the evening. Instead of 2 MW, there will be 8, but already in only 6 mode hours a day”, said Geletukha.

It is estimated that if the installation works with a capacity of 2 MW for 24 hours, its payback is 5.5 years and 14% IRR. If in the mode of 6 hours – 5 years, with an IRR of 20%. And the tariff that is needed for this watch is 26 euro cents per hour.

The second option is the possibility of transferring a thermal power plant that burns solid biomass. In classic mode at peak it gives 3 MW Electro plus thermal load. If you switch to peak hours, it gives 5 MW of electric without the release of thermal energy. And the heat that the consumer needs at these times is accumulated in the thermal energy accumulator.

“If we want to provide 20% IRR, we need a tariff of 28 eurocents per hour for such a station,” he said.

The third option that bioenergy can offer is biomethane. In Europe, it is considered the future of biogas, Geletukha noted – 2 billion cubic meters of methane per year have already been processed there.

“Nothing prohibits us from switching existing gas installations for natural gas to biomethane, this is its full analogue. And it will be a lower tariff than for new plants. And the gas transmission system itself becomes a gas holder, we do not need to build new ones. And in Ukraine there are many resources that are raw materials for biogas. Our estimates are that Ukraine can produce up to 7.8 billion cubic meters of biomethane”, the specialist noted.

Also in the framework of the Forum it was talked about the need to create energy storage systems in Ukraine. 

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