Several Czech Republic’s energy suppliers stopped working due to expensive gas

In the Czech Republic, Skaut Energy, A-PLUS Energie obchodní and Kolibřík Energie have announced their closure. Kolibřík Energie informs about it on its website, Ekonomichna Pravda reports.

“We cannot ensure supply in the existing conditions across the energy markets; therefore, we will stop supplying electricity and gas to all our customers from 10/19/2021,” the message says.

Clients have six months to sign contracts with other companies. This is what the so-called "suppliers of last resort" will do. It is noted that services for new customers will rise in price because they are forced to purchase energy resources at new prices.

To recap, the EU will protect consumers from high energy prices.

As reported, the EC has decided how to deal with the consequences of the rise in energy prices.

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