Eco-activists blocked thermal power plant for several hours in Germany

Eco-activists have blocked the infrastructure of a thermal power plant in the city of Datteln, near Dortmund, in favor of climate protection, European Truth reports.

Eco-activists seized the thermal power plant for several hours in protest against the draft law of the German government on the rejection of coal energy.

The draft law provides for the abandonment of coal generation until 2038, but environmental organizations and eco-activists advocate an earlier abandonment of coal energy and consider government measures to be insufficient.

According to police, activists entered the territory of the power plant, breaking the gates. They call the Datteln IV power plant, which has not yet been commissioned and which should operate on coal, “the last nail in the coffin of climate justice”.

According to police, up to 120 protesters took part in the rally. When the police began an operation to oust protesters from the territory of thermal power plants, the organizers announced the completion of the rally, which lasted about nine hours.

To recap, in June Greenpeace activists climbed an oil rig in Scotland as part of a protest rally calling for an end to the drilling of oil wells.

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