India will create a fleet of 23 electric boats to operate on domestic routes

The largest shipbuilding company in India, Cochin Shipyard Ltd. selected Siemens to deliver cutting-edge maritime solutions for India's first fleet of 23 electric powerboats with integrated battery technology, reports.

Boats are being built to improve communication with the numerous islands around Kochi, a port city in southern India.

“The development of inland waterways will play a huge role in creating an integrated system for the mobility of people, goods and services in Kochi, and will set a benchmark for the country. The project also demonstrates our commitment to decarbonisation and environmental sustainability,” emphasized Gerd Deusser, Head of Energy at Siemens Limited.

As noted, electric drive systems will reduce fuel requirements, increase manoeuvrability, minimize environmental risks and make boats comfortable thanks to their modular design. Energy storage systems help provide a reliable and uninterrupted power supply for maximum performance and zero carbon footprint. Besides, the boats will also be equipped with automation systems for safe, economical and reliable operation.

Earlier it was reported that India is proposing to create a World Solar Bank.

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