In July, exports of electricity increased by 30%, compared to June – Ukrenergo

Electricity exports in July 2020 amounted to 133 million kWh, which is 30% more than in June, Ukrenergo reports.

It is noted that 85.7% of electricity in June was exported to Poland (114 million kWh). At the same time, the volume of exports in July exceeded imports by 6.1 times.

In addition, for the first time since September 2014, electricity exports to Belarus have been resumed. This indicator for July amounted to 12 million kWh – 9% of the total export volume.

During this period, the export of electricity to Romania and Slovakia has recovered, which in total amounts to 1.9% of all exports. There were no exports to the power systems of Russia and Moldova in July 2020.

Also, to ensure the operational safety of Burshtyn TPP Island in July, exports to Hungary were limited by 2.35 million kWh, Slovakia – by 1.6 million kWh and Romania – 0.5 million kWh.

Electricity imports to Ukraine in July 2020 amounted to 21.8 million kWh, which is 15.4% more than in June 2020. All imports for the specified period, as in June, were carried out only to the trade zone of Burshtyn TPP Island, which operates synchronously with the European power grid ENTSO-E. The share of imports was 0.2% of the total electricity production in Ukraine.

Electricity was not imported into the trade zone of the IPS of Ukraine, synchronized with the energy systems of Russia, Belarus and Moldova, in July.

Most of all in July electricity was imported from Hungary – 10.8 million kWh and Slovakia – 9.7 million kWh.

In addition, to ensure the operational safety of Burshtyn TPP Island in July, imports from Hungary were limited by 317.7 million kWh, from Slovakia – by 302.7 million kWh and from Romania – by 48.4 million kWh.

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