In July, commercial electricity imports from Belarus was carried out to Ukraine.

At the end of last week, Ukraine imported electricity from Belarus, said Vsevolod Kovalchuk, Head of NPC Ukrenergo, during a round table devoted to two weeks of operation of the new electricity market, reports Energoreforma.

As the supply of energy companies covers only 55-60% of the required amount of electricity, due to the delay in launching the market of auxiliary services in the United Energy System of Ukraine since the beginning of July, there has been a significant shortage of reserves.

“Accordingly, the system works with reduced reliability in case of occurrence of certain emergency situations. The only exception is the period from July 11 to July 14, when we saw in most hours not just the provision of the required amount of reserves, but even exceeded supply compared to the 1000 MW standard for the UES of Ukraine. It reached 1800 MW in a separate hour. This is due to two factors. There was a period of import from Belarus with an average capacity of 200 MW on average, as well as factors of days off and low temperature, when demand is low in the system”, said Kovalchuk.

According to the balance of flows between the UES of Ukraine and the power systems of neighboring countries on the NPC Ukrenergo website, imports were made from 1:00 to 2:00 on July 14.

Earlier it was reported that the National Regulatory Commission fined Ukrenergo for 1.7 million UAH.

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