15 settlements of Kyiv region get electricity back

On May 17, performing the repairs in the liberated areas of several regions, energy workers have restored power and gas supply to thousands of subscribers, the deputy head of the Presidential Office KyryloTymoshenko wrote.

"Kyiv region: electricity was restored in 15 settlements in a day. Gas supply has been restored by 96% in the city of Irpin, while only two months ago there was nothing but fierce fights," he wrote. 

Electricity, water supply, hospitals and kindergartens are being restored in the Chernihiv region. Talking about the Nizhyn district, a temporary roadway has been set to replace the one that was destroyed, which is R-67 road. 

"The Kharkiv region is supplied with electricity. Only in a day, we managed to connect 5,400 consumers in the centre of the region, 506 consumers in the villages of Kulinychi and Malay Danylivka were also connected. In addition, electricity was restored in the villages of Baranivka, Kozachok, Chernohlazivka, and Korobky with1,667 residents in total," Tymoshenko informs.

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