The Ministry of Energy identified priority steps for the isolated mode of the power system operation

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine held a meeting of the working group to support the integration process of the unified energy system of Ukraine with the ENTSO-E, the press service reports.

The meeting participants discussed the momentum of the synchronization process, the state of implementation of the solutions developed and the key issues that need to be resolved to complete the process. In particular, NPC Ukrenergo submitted preliminary results of studies carried out at the request of ENTSO-E on the static and dynamic stability of the integration of the UESU with the power system of continental Europe, which confirmed the technical feasibility of such a mode of operation. The final results of the report are expected to be approved by September 24, 2021.

First Deputy Energy Minister Yurii Vlasenko instructed NPC Ukrenergo to expedite the development of the System Testing in the UESU for the isolated mode.

Also, a complete list of generating equipment of power plants should be prepared, which will or can be used during the operation of the power system in the isolated mode.

“Such a document is necessary for all participants to understand their role, to make sure they can prepare in advance and ensure the successful implementation of the relevant tasks,” Yurii Vlasenko mentioned.

To recap, the Ministry of Energy suggests creating an Energy Storage System Operator.

As reported, the test operation of the power system in the isolated mode is scheduled for the winter of 2022.

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