In November, Ukraine increased its electricity exports for the first time since February

NPC Ukrenergo reports that in November Ukraine increased imports of electricity for the first time since February, the total volume of imports exceeded exports by 1.8 times.

According to Ukrenergo, in November Ukraine imported 242.2 million kWh, and exports amounted to 131.2 million kWh.

This ratio is explained by the fact that in November 2021, import supplies from Belarus resumed, exports from the Burshtyn TPP island trade zone decreased, and there was no export from the UES of Ukraine to Poland.

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At the same time, according to the results of 11 months of 2021, the volume of electricity exports was 2.5 times higher than the volume of imports – 3,157 million kWh versus 1,257 million kWh.

Electricity imports

The volume of imports in November 2021 was carried out from two countries: from Slovakia to the Burshtyn TPP island (18.7 million kWh) and Belarus to the UES of Ukraine (223.44 million kWh). In October 2021, no electricity was imported from any country. At the same time, the volume of electricity imports in November 2021 was more than in total for March-October 2021 (242.2 million kWh versus 236.9 million kWh).

From November 1, the provisions of the NEURC Resolution No.853, which limited the capacity to 0 MW for the import of electricity to Ukraine from states that are not parties to the Energy Community (Russia and Belarus), became invalid.

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Electricity exports

Electricity exports in November 2021 compared to October decreased by 46.8% to 131.2 million kWh. A decrease in export volumes occurred both from the UES of Ukraine and the Burshtyn TPP island.

In particular, from the "Burshtynskaya TPP island" - by 31.8% (from 191.3 to 130.4 million kWh). Most of all, exports fell to Slovakia - by 53.2%. In addition, exports to Romania decreased by 37.8% and to Hungary by 20.1%.

In November 2021, exports from the IES of Ukraine trade zone decreased from 55.3 to 0.8 million kWh compared to the previous month. Thus, electricity was not exported to Poland (in October - 52.4 million kWh), and to Moldova, it decreased by 3.9 times.

To recap, Ukraine will strengthen the protection of nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power plants.

As reported, the SUNPP power unit is connected to the grid.

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