A nuclear power plant is going to be built in Poland

Polish Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski reported about preparations for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Pomorie.

Consultations with the local community are underway on this issue.

“The investment cycle of a nuclear power plant lasts about 10 years, but before that several preparatory works have been going on for several years. We have already done a lot. The joint-stock company PGE EJ 1 has been founded, which is engaged in the preparation, the places in the Pomorie region have already been identified, the local public in these places has already been practically prepared for such construction. Its representatives got acquainted with the work of nuclear power plants in other areas, and as a result we received public consent for construction”, the Minister said.

The Minister stressed that the construction of a nuclear power plant is more expensive than ordinary one. But at the same time, it requires less fuel and is cheaper to operate than, for example, a coal-fired power plant.

Construction of nuclear power plants is planned to be completed by 2033.

It was reported earlier that the Austrian government opposes the construction of new power units at the Slovak NPP.

Source: elektrovesti

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