A plant for the production of its own electric car is being built in Poland

In Jaworzno (Poland), the construction of a new car plant for the production of electric vehicles of the new Polish brand Izera was allowed, Infocar reports.

Izera electric cars were supposed to appear in 2023, but now a new production start date is called – 2024.

The new plant will initially employ 3,000 people. Another 12 thousand will be involved in related industries in Poland. The country's government promised its financial support to the project, but the amount of subsidies has not been specified.

In the summer, two Izera electric cars were demonstrated in Poland: a hatchback and a crossover. Only the approximate power reserve (more than 400 kilometres in the WLTP cycle) and the acceleration time to 100 km/h (less than 8 seconds) were called from the technical characteristics.

Poland is home to many operating foreign brand car enterprises, which account for 7% of the national GDP.

Earlier it was reported that Denmark was investing $407 million in the transition to electric vehicles.

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