In Ukraine, for the first time, the life of a nuclear power unit will be extended until the end of the design life

The Board of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine extended the life of power unit No.3 of the South Ukrainian NPP with a VVER-1000 reactor even before the end of its design life. This was reported by the press service.

The work of the power unit was continued until February 10, 2030.

In the Report on the periodic safety reassessment (PSR) of the power unit No.3 of the South Ukrainian NPP, the operating organization justified the possibility of safe operation of the power unit beyond the period, the Report itself passed a state examination of nuclear and radiation safety.

“Equipment qualifications have been completed and installed for “severe”environmental conditions for 1,134 equipment positions, for seismic impacts for 2,460 positions. In accordance with the preparation program for the power unit No.3 of the South Ukraine NPP for operation beyond the deadline, it is planned to carry out 101 activities, of which 81 before the resource is extended. All of them have been completed”, said Volodymyr Lysnychenko, director of the South Ukrainian NPP.

According to the conclusions of the SNRIU, the materials of the PSR of power unit No.3 of the South Ukrainian NPP confirmed the ability of the operating organization to ensure the protection of personnel, the public and the environment during long-term operation of the power unit in accordance with the requirements of the norms and rules on nuclear and radiation safety.

Earlier it was reported that one of five nuclear power plants was closed in Switzerland

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