Problems in the commercial accounting of electricity in Ukrenergo were observed

Commercial accounting operators do not submit data in a timely manner and specify it for a long time. And although there are several objective reasons for this, the commercial electricity metering system has not yet worked properly.

Director of commercial accounting of NPC Ukrenergo Oleksandr Karpenko said it during the round table “The new electricity market: problems and solutions”, Kosatka.Media reports.

“Most participants of the electricity market saw the start of commercial metering as a joke, apparently. Because in fact, before July 1, more than half of the participants were absent in our system. The main part came to registration in the last week”, he emphasized.

Currently, the system has about 5000 points of commercial accounting. Presented metering networks are 40 areas of networks of distribution companies and Ukrenergo. And more than 1600 power plants, of which there are a lot of renewables.

“In the first and second decades, the amount of data was insufficient for calculations. This was reflected in the numbers that we received. For the first two decades, we had a situation when the networks generated electricity with negative losses in the networks. And my colleagues from distribution networks spent a lot of time on pulling in additional points that did not get into the database. And to identify modeling problems – there were a lot of mistakes with the direction of flow between accounting areas”, Karpenko said.

According to him, for three months there is a tendency to improve the situation, gradually accounting operators are entering normal operation mode. But there is a problem with the fact that some of essential points for the calculation are received at the wrong time.

“In the process of collecting commercial accounting data according to version 2 – this is the data for calculations for payments settlement – in August, the deadline for submitting reports was postponed twice. And even with the third transfer, only 88% of the reports were received”, Karpenko specified.

In addition to providing data, there is still a situation with their verification.

“The delay in clarification is more than 2 months. This means that together with the accounting operators we looked at the reports, returned them several times, clarified. The first month was started very hard. And the last report was received on November 1 to close all network operators”, explained the representative of Ukrenergo.

The level of discipline of manufacturers accounting operators is completely insufficient, Karpenko noted. Reports were not provided proactively, but only after many reminders.

As a result, Ukrenergo has not yet received a full package of documents to confirm that the data for August-September can be used for calculations.

“We conducted an analysis of how the data from the two sets differ – version 1, operational, and version 2 – actual. A significant number of accounting points in the array are changed – more than 60%. And we see that the total volume has not changed significantly. But there is a significant redistribution of energy between the hours within a month”, he said.

There is a problem of untimely submission of both operational and monthly data. This is likely due to an insufficient number of personnel, Karpenko believes. Also, the automation system in distribution companies has not changed – they are old and not adapted to the new model. Understanding this, Ukrenergo is ready to “move” the data submission deadlines.

“But accounting operators and owners should understand the importance of this area for the market. If this data is not on time and it will not be reliable, the market will work with significant overhead costs”, Karpenko said.

He added that Ukrenergo intends to propose to the Regulator to introduce certain financial responsibility for accounting operators for the untimely and unreliable data submitted.

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