Ukrenergo talked about the needs for balancing the power grid

The rapid implementation of renewable energy plants in Ukraine requires an additional 20% of the capacity of the power grid. Creation of an energy storage system is required. It is already difficult for Ukrenergo to balance the power grid with current funds.

Vitaliy Zaychenko, main dispatcher at NPC Ukrenergo, told about this during the forum "Balancing the power grid and energy storage system”, Kosatka.Media reports.

According to the expert, in accordance with the regulatory requirements for the power grid,  to date the amount of reserves that has to be in it for loading – 1000 MW, and the backup unloading has to correspond to the capacity of the largest consumer – 500 MW. Renewables imposed additional requirements – plus 20%.

According to the report on the adequacy and conformity of generation in the power grid, Ukrenergo determined that for 2021 the reserves for loading have to be 1800 MW, for unloading – 700 MW. For 2025: for loading 1900 MW, for unloading 800 MW. For 2030: 2000 MW for loading, 900 MW for unloading.

“In order to achieve these reserves and make our grid adequate, the most correct solution is the introduction of generation, which has a quick start – in 15 minutes, full power must be gained from scratch, and energy storage system”, said Zaychenko.

He added that Ukraine was already lagging behind in the creation of storage systems. According to Ukrenergo estimates, as of 2021, the storage system should already be at the level of 1600 MW, in 2025 – 1800 MW, in 2030 –2000 MW.

According to him, the power grid is already facing a challenge, because these systems do not exist. Therefore, Ukrenergo, as a system operator, already does not have the ability to balance the grid with the means that it has, without affecting the generation, which has priority dispatching, so, it must be accepted into the power grid. That is why there have already been two cases of limiting the power of wind power plants, and another case is the limitation of both wind and solar power plants.

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