Ukrenergo announced changes in the auctions for the distribution of capacity

NPC Ukrenergo announced that the monthly auction for the distribution of access to the throughput of interstate communications for December 2021 will be held according to the reserving procedure.

This is since on November 17, 2021, NPC Ukrenergo received a ruling from the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal dated November 16, 2021, on the opening of the appeal proceedings in the case of the appeal of DTEK Zakhidenergo JSC on the cancellation of measures to secure the claim.

The date, details and location of the monthly auction for the reserve mechanism will be announced later.

Given that the daily auctions as of 11.18.2021 were held and the participants received the transfer right, such results are not cancelled. However, according to the court's decision, the TR limitation algorithm changed from proportional to sequential.

On November 18, 2021, the daily auction for November 20, 2021, is cancelled by the time the changes are made to the auction platform. The scheduled time for the resumption of daily auctions is 19.11.2021 on the day of supply 21.11.2021.

To participate in daily auctions in case of their restoration on November 19, 2021, registered participants by the end of the day on November 18, 2021, must provide a monetary allowance and/or provide a monetary obligation, the fulfilment of which must be secured by a bank guarantee of a registered participant to participate in the auctions.

The cash contribution will be considered paid if it is received on the current account of the auction office by the end of the day on November 18, 2021.

To recap, Belarus has stopped supplying electricity to Ukraine since November 18.

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