Uzbekistan is going to sell all power stations in the country

The government of Uzbekistan plans to reform the energy sector. It is planned to gradually sell almost all power plants to investors in the context of the reform. This was announced by Minister of Energy of the country, Sherzod Khodjaev, at the international energy forum in Tashkent.

The forum performed a plan for the implementation of reforms in the country's energy sector until 2030.

“The best way is to sell part of the shares of power plants to private investors and to create private enterprises on the principle of P3 (Public-Private Partnership)”, Khodjaev said at the presentation of the program.

According to the official, the next step is “the sale the assets of power plants to private investors in general”.

“Ultimately, several hydroelectric power stations and nuclear power plants will remain in state ownership. In other words, most of the generation will be concentrated in private hands”, Khodjaev said.

Commissioning of the first nuclear power plant is scheduled for 2028, Russia is engaged in its construction.

Now there are power plants with a total capacity of 12.4 GW, including the total capacity of 10 thermal power plants, which is 10.6 GW in the power system of Uzbekistan.

Hydropower plants, which are part of the Uzbekhydroenergo, and autonomous thermal power plants of industrial enterprises produce the rest of the electricity.


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