Venezuela experienced an electricity outage

On the evening of March 7, a large-scale power outage occurred. 23 of the 25 states were without light, as well as the capital, Caracas. Venezuelan Maiquetia International Airport stopped working, several metro lines were de-energized.

The Venezuelan National Electricity Company (Corpoelec) reported that the cause of the power outages was sabotage at the El-Guri hydroelectric power station.

 “This is part of an electric war against the state”, the company said.

Authorities blamed the US.

 “The electric war, declared and led by American imperialism against our people, will be defeated”, Maduro wrote.

Energy Minister Luis Motta Dominguez said that the problems with electricity will be solved within three hours. Residents of several areas took to the streets in the evening, demanding the restoration of electricity.


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