Vitrenko: Ukrainian energy experienced the worst period in the current heating season

Acting Energy Minister Yurii Vitrenko said that Ukraine had gone through a critical period in the energy sector in the current heating season, avoiding restrictions on energy consumption, with all the resources for further stable energy supply available, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“We have gone through the worst period with really high risks of rolling blackouts. However, it is already getting warmer, the repair of an NPP unit (KhNPP-2 – ed.) has finished, we do not use the gas units of the TPPs and the gas stocks in the UGS are record-high for this period. There is a reserve for both electricity and gas,” Vitrenko said on the air of Freedom of Speech on ICTV on Monday.

Having said so, he accused Russia of creating an artificial scarcity of gas on the European market.

“This year Russia has reduced gas supplies through Ukraine to the European market by half, creating an artificial scarcity of gas,” the head of the Ministry of Energy said, emphasizing that this led to an increase in the price.

Besides, Vitrenko noted that Ukraine had all the prerequisites not to experience a shortage of energy resources in the case of a restriction by the Russian Federation in response to the sanctions imposed by Ukraine, in particular, against Russian companies and the decision to return the Ukrainian section of Samara-Western Direction main oil product pipeline to state ownership.

“We can get through the next wave of Russian aggression. Talking about the diesel engine, there is no critical dependence on its supply through the pipe,” he said.

According to him, if there are not enough supplies of diesel from Russia and Belarus, then Ukraine will buy it on the world market.

As reported, Vitrenko suggested combining the cost of gas and its distribution into one bill.

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