Vitrenko: I don't want to manage enterprises

Acting Minister of Energy of Ukraine Yurii Vitrenko said during the Ukraine 30 All-Ukrainian Forum that the main role of the ministry is to shape state policy. At different levels, in particular, to propose legislative changes, to propose secondary legislation, the same codes and rules, according to which they operate in the market, Kosatka.Media reports.

He proposes to create a centralized agency for the management of state assets, in particular, state-owned companies, better in the form of the National Wealth Fund, which, through professional management of state assets, would make it so that state-owned companies that have not yet been privatized work in the interests of all Ukrainians, and not in the best interest of the management of these companies. Or not in the interests of the politicians behind this management.

“For example, I am a supporter of the fact that if the state cannot justify why a certain company should remain in state ownership, that is, there are no such strategic, national tasks that only a state-owned company can fulfil. Then this company should be privatized,” he said.

“Let there be an effective private owner, the same international strategic investors, domestic strategic investors, and the state is doing what it should be doing. It is about creating equal rules for everyone, creating efficient markets and protecting citizens, protecting the country. "

Earlier, Vitrenko said that he had sent the prime minister a proposal to fire Kobolyev and the Naftogaz Supervisory Board.

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