Eastern Mining and Enrichment Combine reduced the production of uranium concentrate by 24% for January-June

In January-June 2019, the Eastern Mining and Enrichment Combine (VostGOK) reduced the production of uranium oxide concentrate (UOC) by 24.2% (by 145.2 tons) compared to the same period in 2018 – to 455.7 tons, according to the data on the Unified State Open Data Portal.

According to the company, 72.6 tons of uranium concentrate was produced in January, in February – 93.7 tons, in March – 84.3 tons, in April – 72.9 tons, in May – 52.2 tons, in June – 80 tons.

In 2018, the company VostGOK increased its production volume by 41.1% (by 343.4 tons) compared to 2017 – up to 1 thousand 179.5 tons.

VostGOK is the only enterprise in Ukraine and the largest in Europe for the extraction and processing of uranium ore. The concentrate is used to produce nuclear fuel (fuel elements – TVELs), which is loaded into nuclear reactors at nuclear power plants.

The annual needs of Ukrainian NPPs in uranium concentrate amount to about 2.4 thousand tons, while its internal production by the SE VostGOK is about 1 thousand tons.

According to the IAEA, Eastern Mining and Enrichment Combine produces 3.3% of the world uranium concentrate.

Recall that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the reorganization of the state-owned enterprise Eastern Mining and Enrichment Combine, by joining it to the state-owned enterprise Energoatom.

Source: reform.energy

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