Launch of power unit No.1 of Khmelnitsky NPP is postponed for three months

The launch of power unit No.1 of Khmelnitsky NPP was postponed for at least three months due to the detection of equipment damage during launch operations.  This is reported by BusinessCensor.

“According to the start-up schedule of the first power unit of Khmelnitsky NPP on August 14, during the start-up program, a malfunction of auxiliary generator systems, hydrogen and water cooling systems, an increase in vibration velocity on the turbogenerator bearings was detected, as a result of which the test was stopped”, the press service of the nuclear power plant said.

According to Deputy Chief Engineer for electrical equipment, monitoring and control systems of the Khmelnitsky NPP Olexander Kopeika, during the operation of performing the short circuit experiment, the generator was damaged.

As a result, it was decided to carry out modernization and repair on the backup generator stator, which will take less time than working on a full-time generator of the first power unit.  Damage to the rotor was also detected.  This requires cleaning it and performing work to restore efficiency.

“Now the specialists of Khmelnitsky NPP have developed schedules for carrying out the main work during the repair of the turbogenerator by the specialists of Atomremontservice, who will carry out modernization work on the stator.  Detailed work schedules are also being developed.  According to preliminary estimates, a full restoration of the turbogenerator’s performance will last more than three months”, the report says.

Earlier it was reported that SNRIU had extended the life of power unit No.1 of Khmelnitsky NPP beyond the design period, by 10 years – until December 13, 2028.

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