Zelenskyy signed a law on debt repayment in the wholesale electricity market

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed Law No.2386 “On measures aimed at repaying debts formed in the wholesale electricity market,” RBC reports.

Its purpose is the repayment of receivables and payables of Energorynok SE.

The accounts payable of the state company as of August 31, 2019 amounted to UAH 28.1 billion, UAH 30.9 billion owed to the enterprise.

Energorynok, before the introduction of the wholesale electricity market, bought out all the electricity produced in the country and sold it to suppliers and energy retail companies for delivery to final consumers.

The draft law proposes to introduce such mechanisms of debt repayment:

  • carrying out mutual settlements;
  • repayment (write-off) of debt;
  • assignment of a claim or replacement of a party to an obligation;
  • the establishment of a target premium to the tariff for the distribution of electric energy by local (local) electric networks to the operators of the distribution system.

The implementation of the law will contribute to the completion of the corresponding stage of introducing a new electricity market and solving the problems of the financial condition of enterprises - participants of the electricity market.

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