Gas Sector News

NKREKP: regional gas companies use temperature coefficients hits adjustment of natural gas to residential consumers wrongly

The Commission formally addressed the operators of gas distribution systems.

Ukrnafta will suspend LPG production

The GPP can work for about another week.

Belarus wants gas price, as in Smolensk region of the Russian Federation

The country is considering the price of gas in the nearest region of Russia + transportation.

Putin said that Bulgaria deliberately delays construction of the Turkish Stream

He spoke about the possibility of launching a gas pipeline by an alternative route.

Business is concerned about consumer payment discipline on the gas market for the population

There are questions about the timeliness of payments by the population and disconnection for non-payment.

Gazprom may address to the National Energy and Regulatory Commission on a transit tariff – Vitrenko

The Russian side said that the tariff for gas transit is high.

Gas Sector Analytics

Figures of the gas sector of Ukraine (November 2019)

Ukraine consumed more than 1 billion cubic meters of gas from underground gas storages in November.

November prices for natural gas at the European market

Gas in Europe became more expensive by 32.0–48.2% over the last autumn month.

Dynamics of gas imports (January-October 2019)

For 10 months of 2019, natural gas imports to Ukraine increased by 44.5%, to 13.3 billion cubic meters.

Radiator thermostats and balancing valves will enable to reduce heating costs by 30%

More than 80% of apartment buildings in Ukraine are equipped with single-pipe heating systems