Gas Sector Analytics

Gas reserves Dynamics in the UGSF (January-August 2019)

As of August 17, more than 17.2 billion cubic meters of gas are stored in Ukrainian UGS facilities.

Gas production in Ukraine (January-June 2019)

For six months gas production in Ukraine increased by 2.8% - up to 10,500 million cubic meters.

Main indicators of the gas sector of Ukraine (July-2019)

About the volumes of production, transit and gas imports in July 2019.

Status of gas accumulation in UGSFs of the European countries

Based on the results of the 1st half of 2019, Ukrainian UGSFs are approximately half loaded.

Dynamics of gas price and imports from Europe

In January-June 2019, Ukraine imported 5.63 billion cubic meters of natural gas from European partners.

Ukrainian gas sector results (2nd quarter of 2019)

According to the results of the 2nd quarter of 2019, 5.21 billion cubic meters of natural gas were produced.

Decrease in LNG supplies to Northeast Asia

It is expected that China’s LNG imports LNG imports for June look set to drop by 9% from May.

Gas production by companies for 5 months of 2019

8800 million cubic meters of gas were produced for 5 months of 2019 in Ukraine.

Natural gas price for population in June 2019

NJSC Naftogaz reduced the gas price for household consumers and other consumers with PSO by 7.3%.

Main indicators of the gas sector of Ukraine (May-2019)

The main indicators of the gas industry in Ukraine in May and for the first five months of 2019.

Gas prices dynamics at the European hubs

Gas prices with a supply on weekends were at the level of 10.013 €/MWh at one of the leading hubs, TTF.

Gas reserves dynamics in UGSFs

As of the end of May more than 11.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas.