Gas reserves Dynamics in the UGSF (January-August 2019)

запасы газа в ПХГ, наполненность хранилищ газа (Август)

As of August 17, more than 17.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas are stored in Ukrainian UGS facilities (56.4% of the total capacity), which is 3.4 billion cubic meters or 24.6% more than at the same date in 2018.

At the same time, in 2018, a mark of 17.2 billion cubic meters was reached only on November 7, and in 2017 the maximum gas volume in the underground gas storage facilities did not even reach 17 billion cubic meters.

Between the start of loading the UGSF (April 5) and August 17, 8.45 billion cubic meters of natural gas were pumped.

Performance of average daily filling up:
• April – 25.88 mcm;
• May – 65.18 mcm;
• June – 71.87 mcm;
• July – 74.39 mcm;
• August 1-17 – 77.5 mcm.

Recall that such an intensive filling up of Ukrainian UGS facilities occurs if Gazprom stops the transit of natural gas after 2019. Ukraine plans to start the heating season 2019-2020 with reserves of 20 billion cubic meters. Therefore, to achieve the goal it is necessary to pump another 2.8 billion cubic meters.

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