Gas sector in February 2019

Following the results of February 2019, gas production companies in Ukraine produced 1.643 bln cubic meters of gas. The average daily production was 58.703 mln cubic meters.

The contribution of “Ukrgazvydobuvannya” was 1.206 bln cubic meters, “Ukrnafta” – 90.423 mln cubic meters, other companies produced 346.808 mln cubic meters. Herewith, the average daily production of “Ukrgazvydobuvannya” was 58.7 mln cubic meters, “Ukrnafta” – 3.229 mln cubic meters, other producers – 12.386 mln cubic meters.

Natural gas transit through Ukrainian gas transmission system was 6.216 bln cubic meters in February (vs. 5.975 bln cubic meters in February 2018). At the same time, the average daily transit volumes for the entire month were above 210 mln cubic meters (sometimes reaching 240 - 250 mln cubic meters per day), and the last three days of February the level of transportation decreased to 163 mln cubic meters.

Gas imports reached 666.281 mln cubic meters in February (94% more than last year and 2.5 times more than last month). The border with Slovakia remains the dominant direction for gas imports. 496.764 mln cubic meters were delivered from the country. The next one is Hungary – 77.962 mln cubic meters and Poland – 91.554 mln cubic meters.

1.392 bln cubic meters of gas were pumped from UGSFs in February. Average daily pumping from storages remained constant at 49.73 mln cubic meters.  On the last day of February the gas volumes in UGSFs was 9.730 bln cubic meters (31.5% of designed capacity).

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