Indicators of Ukrainian gas industry


Analysing the data, published by JSC “Ukrtransgaz”, it can be concluded that 2019 started more efficiently in some areas of gas industry and in others remained the same.

  • In January 2019, gas transit from the Russian Federation by main gas pipelines of Ukraine increased by 26% compared to the same period in 2018 and amounted to 7.6billion cubic meters.
  • Gas imports from Europe in January 2019 declined substantially compared to the last year. 0.2 billion cubic meters were imported, against 0.8 billion cubic meters in January 2018. About 50% of the imported gas was from Slovakia, the rest 50% – from Poland and Hungary.
  • Gas production in January 2019 was 1.8 billion cubic meters, which is 1% more than last January. However, average daily gas production has decreased for the first time in 8 months and amounted to 58.6 million cubic meters/day. But despite the interruption of the 8 month of records, the average daily production increased by 2.4% compared to last January.
  • Underground gas storage facilities were actively used. UGSFs were depredated up to 2.7 billion cubic meters, while last year “Ukrtransgaz” pumped out 2.2 billion cubic meters of gas from storages (+ 23%).
  • Due to decent gas pumping from storage facilities, the gas volume located in UGSF is also lower compared to last year – 11.2 billion cubic meters against 12.5 billion cubic meters (-11%). 
  • In the first month of 2019, there was 1% less of gas transported to consumers by main gas pipelines than last year, so the total volume is equivalent to 4.4 billion cubic meters. 0.3 billion cubic meters of gas was used for production needs.


Ity is important to note that there is a precipitous fall in natural gas prices in European gas hubs. Thus, in the Austrian CEGH, the Dutch TTF, the German GPL and the NCG from the 20th of January to February 12, the price of gas decreased by an average of 4 euros.

 Meanwhile, we are waiting further actions in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine about the continuation of gas transit. But the the most advantageous position of market experts is that there will be transit, but only in volumes of 20–35 billion cubic meters.

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