Radiator thermostats and balancing valves will enable to reduce heating costs by 30%

Ukraine is still at the beginning of its thorny path to energy efficiency. Perhaps that is why consumers of energy (especially thermal one) have not yet clearly understood the term “energy efficiency”. After all, the concept of rational use of resources is often obscured by the desire for short-sighted, immediate “savings” of own funds.   

According to McKinsey&Company, the potential for reducing gas consumption in Ukraine as a result of the thermal modernization of only multi-family housing stock could reach 3.5 billion cubic meters per year. Such savings can be achieved even in conditions of significant distribution in Ukraine of a single-pipe heating systems (> 80% of apartment buildings), which is far below a two-pipe heating system.

According to Mariush Yedzhyievskyi, senior director for business development at Danfoss, there is no point in replacing a single-pipe heating system with a two-pipe one. After all, this is an expensive procedure that will never pay off. Nevertheless, it is possible to improve existing systems.

The key steps in the process of modernization of housing are the installation of radiator thermostats and balancing valves. Together, these two elements will reduce household heating costs by 30%: about 20% due to thermostats and another 8 - 12% - balancing valves. It is important to note that automatic balancing valves are installed on each of the risers of a multi- family housing, and thus, heat carrier overexpenditure is declining.

Ukraine has a government program on energy efficiency “Warm loans”, which offers a mechanism to reduce the cost of loans issued to the population and apartment building co-owner associations, for the implementation of energy efficient programs. Since 2021 all energy efficiency are expected to be functional through the Energy Efficiency Fund.

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