Growth of gas imports from Europe


            Against the price reduction at the European hubs, Ukraine started to increase natural gas import volumes. From March 12, gas prices listing at the advanced European hubs, such as CEGH, GPL, NCG, and TTF gradually reduced and as of March 15, prices were 16.893 €/MWh, 15.933 €/MWh, 16.327 €/MWh, 15.656 €/MWh respectively. On average, prices reduced by 7% (about €1.3).

            So, the volume of imported gas as of March 16 amounted to 24 982 thousand cubic meters, March 17 – 25 284 thousand cubic meters, by 9 million cubic meters more compared to average daily imports indicator for the previous 15 days of March.

            It is worth nothing, in summary of February 2019, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade calculated average customs value of imported natural gas, which amounted to 7865 UAH or $290.9 per thousand cubic meters.

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