Ukraine reduced gas imports by more than half

Ukrainian importers of natural gas reduced their purchases from the European Union by 60.5% in November compared to October, to 669 million cubic meters. This was due to a record high level of gas reserves in Ukrainian storages and warm weather in November. At the same time, gas import volumes decreased by 31.1% compared to November 2018.

Therewith, the proportions of the intake of gas into the gas transmission system of Ukraine from neighboring countries were approximately the same as in October: 76% or 507.9 million cubic meters were from Slovakia, and about 12% each from the gas transmission systems of Poland and Hungary (82.3 million cubic meters and 78.8 million cubic meters, respectively).

Over 11 months of 2019, natural gas imports to Ukraine increased by 38%, to 13.97 billion cubic meters compared to last year's volumes due to preparations for a possible stop of transit in January 2020, as well as against the backdrop of favorable pricing conditions on the European market during the current year.

Destinations of imports in January-November 2019:

• Slovakia – 9.034 billion cubic meters (64.7% of total imports for 11 months of 2019)

• Hungary – 3.542 billion cubic meters (25.4%);

• Poland – 1.390 billion cubic meters (9.9%).

According to Ukrtransgaz, as of December 15, gas reserves in Ukrainian storage facilities (UGS) amounted to 19.7 billion cubic meters, which is 30.5% more than at the same date in 2018. In addition, the current gas reserves as of December 15 are 27.6% higher than on the same date in 2017 and 54.1% higher than they were on December 15, 2016.

A significant increase in gas reserves was made possible due to the large volumes of its imports during the pumping season, which ended in early November.

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