Gas reserves in European UGS facilities on 10/08/2019

As of October 8, there are already four countries in Europe that have completely filled their gas storage facilities (UGS), namely: Austria, Poland, Portugal and France. European underground gas storage facilities filled by 97.6% according to ASGI +. This suggests that the continent is ready for winter.

Countries with the largest gas storages:

  • Germany – 21.4 billion cubic meters (filled by 98.6% of the total capacity);
  • Ukraine – 20.3 billion cubic meters (65.4%);
  • Italy – 18.3 billion cubic meters (97.4%);
  • France – 12.4 billion cubic meters (100%);
  • The Netherlands – 12.3 billion cubic meters (99.1%).

Comparing these volumes with last year's on a similar date, all countries without exception increased their natural gas reserves:

  • Germany + 17.3%;
  • Ukraine + 23.7%;
  • Italy + 2.2%;
  • France + 7.5%;
  • The Netherlands + 6.7%.

It is worth noting that on October 7, a representative of the Romanian regulator announced a plan to increase the capacity of gas storages. Under the project, UGS volumes will increase from the current 3.1 billion cubic meters of gas up to 6 billion cubic meters, which is equal to half the annual consumption of natural gas in Romania. The implementation of the plan will take about 3 years and will cost €3.36 billion.

Over the past 9 years, the volumes of natural gas in Ukrainian underground storage facilities are the largest. This achievement was caused by a number of factors: a favorable market situation, preparation for the possible termination of gas transit, preparation for the heating season.

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