Gas reserves in European UGS

European Gas reserves

As of April 20, 2019 in Ukrainian UGSs were 9.050 million cubic meters of gas, as the result UGSs were loaded by 29.24% of projected capacity (30.950 million cubic meters). Compared to the same date of 2018 the level of gas reserves is higher by 1.400 million cubic meters (17.8%).

On April 8, 2019 the heating season 2018/2019 was finished, which Ukraine ended with gas reserves of 8.797 million cubic meters. Thus, 250 million cubic meters of natural gas have been pumped into UGSs since the official ending of the heating season. According to Ukrtransgaz’s data, pumping gas into UGSs started on April 2 in small volumes. 

The level of gas reserves in other European countries as of April 20 averaged to 43%. In absolute terms, Germany has the largest reserves, which has managed to save 12.440 million cubic meters of gas (UGSs were loaded by 55.34%). Also, Italy has large gas reserves in UGS – 7.981 million cubic meters (42.92%) and the Netherlands – 6.165 million cubic meters (49.61%).

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