Gas Sector News

NKREKP: regional gas companies use temperature coefficients hits adjustment of natural gas to residential consumers wrongly

The Commission formally addressed the operators of gas distribution systems.

Ukrnafta will suspend LPG production

The GPP can work for about another week.

Belarus wants gas price, as in Smolensk region of the Russian Federation

The country is considering the price of gas in the nearest region of Russia + transportation.

Putin said that Bulgaria deliberately delays construction of the Turkish Stream

He spoke about the possibility of launching a gas pipeline by an alternative route.

Business is concerned about consumer payment discipline on the gas market for the population

There are questions about the timeliness of payments by the population and disconnection for non-payment.

Gazprom may address to the National Energy and Regulatory Commission on a transit tariff – Vitrenko

The Russian side said that the tariff for gas transit is high.

The complexity of the transition procedure hinders – Shvedkyi about the gas market for the population

It is not easy for residential consumers to change their gas supplier.

There will be an audit in Naftogaz

The audit will focus on the financial statements of the company.

GTS Operator will receive gas from Naftogaz for 6.5 billion UAH

Naftogaz will supply the Operator with 600 million cubic meters of gas.

The Verkhovna Rada exempted Ukrainian GTS Operator from taxation in the process of unbundling

This was the last law necessary for the unbundling of Naftogaz.

Four regions still have heating problems – the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development

There are still problems in Zaporizhia, Kirovohrad, Poltava and Kyiv regions.

Grantees will not be able to become participants of the gas market – Yakovleva

One supplier is currently working with this category of consumers.