Gas Sector News

Court extended arrest of CHPP Novorozdilska

The court dismissed the petition of the CHPP Novorozdilska lawyers. Such a decision was made by the judge of the Solomensky court of Kyiv Vadim Senin.

EU representatives adopted amendments to gas directive on the “Nord Stream 2”

Committee of Permanent Representatives (Coreper) agreed on amendments to gas directive on the “Nord Stream 2” gas pipeline.

“Ukraine is a certain military shield for the EU at the moment” – Andriy Kobolev on gas transit

The Head of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, Andriy Kobolev, says that the lack of gas transit through Ukraine can relocate the borders of military activities to the west of the country.

“Burisma Group” began construction of a gas pipeline in Kharkiv region

In January 2019, the gas company “Burisma Group” began construction of a gas pipeline that will connect the Vodyanovske and Karaykozovske (Kharkiv region) fields.

The property of “Gazprom” arrested by Ukraine went under the hammer

40.2% “Gaztransit” shares, which previously belonged to the Russian company “Gazprom”, bought the “Goldman” venture fund.

The largest gas field has been discovered in Indonesia for 18 years

The field is one of the 10 largest in the world, which were discovered in the last year.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the debt restructuring of “Kyivteploenergo” to “Naftogaz”

Debt obligations to pay for natural gas of the municipal enterprise “Kyivteploenergo” to NJSC “Naftogaz Ukrainy” are subject to restructuring by installments for 60 months in equal parts from the 1st...

Regional gas companies want to install meters without “Naftogaz”. They ask to review tariffs and standards.

Money provided for in the meters installation tariff is not enough. Moreover, it is not profitable for people to install meters, as the new standards adopted by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers d...

Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission will audit regional gas companies because of illegally assessed gas volumes

The State Regulatory Service allows the Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission to check gas transmission system operators.

“Energy efficiency programs implementation by the government do not meet the schedule” – NJSC “Naftogaz Ukrainy”

“Naftogaz” company answered to the concern of Volodymyr Groysman of non-compliance “20/20” program.

“Russia will protect the Baltic sea by all forces without red lines” – Pavlo Klimkin

The Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin announced that Russia will start “another interference logic” if it cannot receive 30 million euros for gas transit, which it rece...

Finland, Estonia and Latvia signed an agreement to create a Common Gas Market

Estonian state-owned company “Elering AS”, aт electrical and gas networks system administrator has signed an agreement with transmission system operator companies in Finland and Latvia to create a gas...