AMCU may allow Naftogaz to control state-owned CHPPs

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine may allow Naftogaz of Ukraine to control state CHPPs, the press service reports.

Now these CHPPs are managed by the State Property Fund.

The Committee may provide the company with control over such CHPPs: Severodonetsk CHPP, Odesa CHPP, Kryvyi Rih CHPP, Kherson CHPP, Mykolaiv CHPP, Dnipropetrovsk CHPP.

It is noted that in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers’ Decision No.867 of October 19, 2018, Naftogaz has special obligations for the supply of natural gas for heating companies and CHPPs. Therefore, such a decision may lead to limited competition in the heat and electricity markets.

“For the purpose of the full objective consideration of cases by the Committee, if there is information that could affect the adoption of a decision by the Committee on the issue, we ask interested parties to send information, comments and suggestions on the issue of the indicated concentrations and obligations proposed by the participants in the concentrations,” the statement said.

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