Avakov announced the threat of terrorist attacks in Ukraine due to the launch of Nord Stream 2

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said he expects provocations and attempted terrorist attacks on the Ukrainian section of the gas pipeline from Russia due to the launch of Nord Stream 2, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

“We're talking about real threats. Putin announced yesterday that the first line of Nord Stream 2 has been completed. Gas is still transported by our gas pipeline and must be transported for a while further, and then, for sure, Putin will want to start gas bypassing Ukraine. Therefore, we expect ... that there will be provocations, attempts at terrorist attacks on our section of the gas pipeline, and then they will say: "Look, you see, this is why we are letting it through Nord Stream 2."

According to him, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is looking at different scenarios and is intensifying its response, "including on critical infrastructure facilities, gas infrastructure, dams, dams, and so on."

As a reminder, this week the Nord Stream 2 facilities will start working in test mode in Russia.

As reported, Denmark withdrew a permit for the construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline.

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