Bielkova: We support decarbonization, but we need to cover our own needs

Olha Bielkova, Director for Interaction with Government Bodies and International Organizations of the Ukrainian Gas Transmission System Operator during the Ukrainian Gas Investment Congress noted that Ukraine is ready to invest in decarbonization and support this direction, Kosatka.Media reports.

However, she stressed that this should not negate the current needs of the country.

Bielkova noted that natural gas in Ukraine is not used to generate electricity. It is used for industry and heating. And there are not enough other resources that could replace this gas in Ukraine.

“We support decarbonization, but we need to cover our own needs... And who will pay for this, for the construction of compressor stations for hydrogen? This will add from 10 to 100% to the current cost of the OGTSU tariff. Are we willing to pay for this without a guarantee that it will be built? We are ready to pay if this does not negate the current needs of our country. There are current needs that cannot be ignored,” she said.

To recap, Makohon told about the competitiveness of the Ukrainian GTS.

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