The British will be paid to install energy efficient heating systems

Households in the UK will be offered payments of £ 5000 (over UAH 181.000) starting next year for the installation of energy-efficient heating systems, Ekonomichna Pravda reports.

The three-year program aims to ensure that people who decide to install a heat pump do not pay more than they would have to pay for a traditional gas boiler.

A separate package of £60 million (over UAH 2.1 billion) will be allocated to design clean heat systems that are smaller, easier to install and cheaper to operate.

Boris Johnson's government is trying to solidify its green reputation ahead of the UN climate summit. Delegates from 130 countries will gather in Glasgow next month in hopes of working out a new set of commitments to curb global warming.

Johnson faced pressure from his party colleagues over cost concerns for low-income households.

Business Secretary Quasi Quarteng said the move to greener heaters would help reduce the UK's dependence on fossil fuels. This will protect consumers in the long term from recent "volatile" gas prices, he said.

To recap, the European Commission has decided how to deal with the consequences of the rise in energy prices.

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